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Wasp/Hornet Extermination & Nest Removal

Wasps are dangerous flying pests. There are different wasp species found in Ontario, and most of them will sting you when they feel threatened. Wasps are significantly more dangerous than bees, since they can sting multiple times without dying, and their venom is generally more painful and effective on humans. Children, pets, elderly people and people allergic to wasps are at great risk of being stung, and they usually take longer to recover from the after-effects of a wasp sting. For these reasons, it’s extremely important to have wasps exterminated from your property and nests removed. Oakville Pest offers wasp control, extermination and removal services, and we also remove paper nests that usually hang from man-made structures or trees.

Most Common Wasps & Hornets In Oakville:

How To Identify Wasp & Hornet Nests

Generally Speaking it is easy to spot a wasp and/or hornet nest since you’ll usually see some wasps or hornets flying around the nest and you’ll notice more of them around an near your home. However, different wasp and hornet species build different nests, which can confuse the average person. HOWEVER, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU TRY TO TO REMOVE/EXTERMINATE A NEST ON YOUR OWN, INSTEAD STAY AWAY FROM THE NEST. Depending on the species you may be swarmed by multiple wasps and hornets if you try removing the nest, and in some cases these stings can cause serious and life-threatening injuries. That’s why it’s always recommended to hire an experienced and reliable pest control agency to exterminate the nest and then remove it. If the nest is not removed, the wasps and hornets may come back over time, so it’s always best to go with a professional agency capable of properly removing the nest after exterminating the colony. Oakville Pest not only exterminates wasp and hornet infestations, but also removes nests! So if you have a wasp and/or hornet issue call us today! Now, let’s get into the two most common types of wasp and hornet nests in Oakville:

Paper Wasp Nests:

You can usually find paper wasp nests hanging from trees near your home or from your home itself. Paper wasps will build their nests at high points in places like garage roofs, balcony ceilings and patio roofs. Paper wasp nests and yellow jacket nests can look similar in some cases, but yellow jackets tend to have nests that look less organized and are more open. Paper wasp nests look like their name suggests; like they’re made of paper. However, these nests are very sturdy and are much harder to remove safely than they may seem. It is recommended you contact a wasp extermination and nest removal specialist in the case of an infestation, luckily for you we’re here to help. Call us today and we’ll give you a free quote.

Mud Dauber Nests:

Mud daubers make nests made of mud and usually build them in crevices and corners on the outside of your home. Examples of infestation prone areas are connecting walls at the front of your home, and connecting walls at the back or side of your home. Mud dauber nests can sometimes look like pasta shells, as they are long and hollow. However, they are hard to remove since they’re made of mud, and the mud daubers themselves are defensive of their nests. Oakville Pest offers Mud Dauber extermination and control services! So call us today!
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Why Choose Oakville Pest’s Wasp Control Services?

Our wasp exterminators are experienced professionals who have adapted to the environment and buildings of Oakville and it’s wasp species. We use the most high quality tools, products and equipment in order to remove and exterminate wasps and hornets. As time has gone by, we have tried many different wasp and hornet removal methods and have nearly perfected our craft. We know exactly what technique to use for a specific infestation and colony size so that we can ensure your needs are met! We are extremely versatile when it comes to using different methods depending on the infestation. We provide both commercial and residential wasp and hornet control services, and we know how unpredictable these winged pests can be, so we have all kinds of methods in order to remove them and their nests! If you are interested in making your home wasp and hornet proof, don’t hesitate to call us today!

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