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Rodent Control & Extermination in Oakville

Seeing a rat or mouse in your home can be scary. Rodents can carry pathogens and disease that can be harmful to children, adults and pets. It is extremely important to get rid of rodents in your home as quickly as possible, they aren’t as cute as you think they are and they’re secretly munching on your home, walls and personal belongings. Often times you’ll even find these critters eating your food! But don’t worry, we’re here to help! We are Oakville’s rodent control experts. Oakville Pest has been working with local residents for over 20 years, eliminating rodents and using humane methods of rodent control when necessary. Our team provides total extermination and control of mice and rats that have infested your home and/or business. If you are hearing gnawing and scratching noises in your attic, call our professionals immediately for our expert rodent control services, we offer commercial and residential services, no job is too big or small for us. Don’t let a small rodent issue in your home or business turn into a huge infestation problem.

Mice and rats can cause immense damage to your property. They can gnaw on just about anything and even destroy structural support to your home that can cause water damages and fires. That’s why, it is vital to keep rodents away from your property by taking measures against them and acting quickly.

Common Signs of Rat and Mice Infestations

Rodent Control & Prevention Tips

Professional Rodent Extermination Services in Oakville

Rodents often invade homes in the winter in search of heat and food. If you eliminate rodent entry points, keep heat in your home and don’t leave open food sources for rodents chances are you won’t have to deal with them. However, they can still invade your home no matter how hard you try. At this point, instead of trying to prevent and exterminate rodents on your own, it’s time to contact the professionals.

Why Work With Us?

Some pests can be prevented with DIY and home remedies, however these methods often provide relief from rodents and not full extermination and removal. Rodents can quickly spread into your home and start destroying your property before you know it. Moreover, they can also cause numerous health issues because of all the bacteria and disease they carry. So don’t wait until the last moment, instead call our experts immediately. We have the necessary tools and techniques to eliminate rodents in a short period of time to minimize damages. We will use methods like trapping, baiting, chemical treating and so on to give you a safe and rodent-free environment. We can treat any level of infestation, and depending on yours, we’ll implement the best strategy to ensure your home/workplace is rodent free!

At Oakville Pest, our vision is long-term. We take a proactive approach to ensure you’ll never encounter another rodent infestation in your home or office!

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