Household Items that Help Keep Away Pests

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The responsibility of keeping your home and family away from the attack of pest is really hard to perform. Your little negligence can face you dangerous health issues. Thus, rodents, bugs and overall pest control is one of the daunting tasks ever. But, following some below-mentioned amazing tips, you can make this task easier.

The best part of these method that you need not to spend much time and money on buying anything as all the material is available at your home. Follow the techniques how you can use the household material in pest controlling.

Ants Control

  • Cucumber

    Cut the cucumber slices and put them around the kitchen, window, door or wherever the ants are noticed. Naturally, the ant’s has aversion to vegetables and this idea turn out to be beneficial for you.

  • Cornmeal

    Likewise, you need place the cornmeal piles wherever you find the ants in your home. Although this method can take around two weeks surely it will affect positively.

For Mosquito Control

  • Dry Landscape

    Make sure to keep your landscape dry and never allow the water to gather at any place. This will prevent to the mosquitoes as well as stop the visit of other insects.

  • Garlic

    Crush the garlic and put it in the spray bottle along with water. Wherever you find the mosquitoes, you need to sprinkle it. This technique is safe and the best kitchen made idea.

Kick Flies

  • Herbs

    Take the natural herbs like mint, bay leaf, eucalyptus and clove to repel the insects away from you.

  • Eucalyptus Oil

    Take the eucalyptus oil and coat squares of cheesecloth to put around your home where you find the flies. This oil is safe for pets and kids.


  • Peppermint

    Add the peppermint oil and water in the spray bottle and spray it wherever you find the spiders.

  • Citrus Oil

    You need to Spray the citrus oil on walls, ceiling and door using the spray bottle. This method cannot kill the spiders but keep away the them.

In case you are unable to follow these tips by yourself, then you can take help of professionals at Oakville Pest.

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