Fleas Infestation: After Dog And Cat, Next May Be You


No doubt, fleas are often found to attack the dogs and cats as they survive on the warmer blood of animals. Lately, flea infestation in homes has also come into the light. It has now proven that fleas feed on the warmer human body, hence people have to prevent from the fleas.

Mostly, fleas are found in the warmer season and tend to drive from one to another, it means from your pets to you. So, your pets are the main source of inviting the fleas at your home, it is suggested to pay higher attention to your pets for fleas treatment.

Fleas Infestation Effects

  • Initially, it delivers scratching, irritation, swelling and redness while the over-scratching can deliver infection. The bites convert into cluster or lines and remain inflamed for some weeks.
  • If you don’t treat the fleas infestation on time, you may get affected by the diseases like bubonic plague that is found between the human and rodents. Additionally, you may get endemic typhus fever and tapeworm.

How Fleas Reach To Home

If you have pets infested with fleas, surely they will roam in your home on the carpets, upholstery furniture and floor. Thus, your home has got the fleas and simultaneously, there are good chances that you can adopt the fleas.

Fleas Removal And Extermination

Fleas can never be removed easily using only DIY techniques as their tiny size give them ease to hide anywhere. On detecting the fleas at your home, you can wash all around and maintain cleanliness using high quality cleaning products. Next, you can spray the pesticides for complete removal but carefully. Still, people are suggested to get the help of professional fleas exterminator for long time solution.

If you really want to prevent yourself from flea infestation then contact with Oakville Pest and hire the professional flea exterminators.

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