Common 5 Cockroach Control Myths Debunked


Detecting a cockroach is really a big concern for people as the crawling insects cause the dirt and filth. Additionally, the dangerous thing about the cockroaches, they can spread the diseases such as asthma and allergies. To stay safe, the people use the various household techniques with the hope to keep the cockroaches away. Unfortunately, these DIY remedies give limited effect and often proceed slower.

Top Five home remedies to control the cockroaches are:

  • Fabric Softener
    It is believed, when you spread the fabric softener, it blocks the pores of the cockroaches’ skin and can suffocate them. Unluckily, this method is unsuccessful. It may happen that your way of using the remedy is not correct.
  • Coffee Grounds
    Coffee grounds is taken as a source to attract the cockroaches and repel them. But, the cockroaches neither love nor hate it. They can visit to detect it but will not get it’s any effect.
  • Bay Leaves
    It is said, if you take handful bay leaves and pulverized into a powder to sprinkle around the cockroaches expected area, you will be able to control them. But, this is another unsuccessful trick.
  • Cucumber
    Keeping the slides of cucumber around the cockroaches detected area is wastage of food nothing else. Cucumber is thought to be the natural repellent for cockroaches but it is not true.
  • Lemon Juice
    If you clean your home with the lemon, the cockroaches will not stay there as they hate the lemon juice fragrance. This trick does not give a fruitful result.

Why Cockroaches DIY Remedies Get Fail?

    • Cockroaches can stay hidden in the tiny holes for several days
    • Cockroaches are speedy to run even they can fly and go away before you try to remove them.
    • Cockroaches can live without food and water up to 15 to 30 days, you may believe that they have been removed but they are hidden.

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