4 Ways To Inspect The Spider Infestation In Your Home


Spiders are tiny weird pests that are not at all liked by homeowners. There are around thousands of spider species found in Canada. Though these insects don’t attack humans, some of the species may be venomous. They can invade your property anytime but are much expected to weave their webs in the fall. Before the situation deteriorates, it is important to detect their invasion in the early phases of their infestation. Being a responsible homeowner, you should seek the assistance of a pest control expert to ensure quick and reliable spider extermination.

Some tips to make sure if your home is infested with spiders include:

  • Look For The Web:

    One of the sure signs of a spider habitat are the cobwebs they weave to capture the prey. You can easily find these webs on the ceilings, room corners, shrubs, tree branches and other spaces. If there are any such cobwebs in your home, get ready to take an action.

  • Inspect Hidden Areas:

    Most possibly, the pests choose hidden areas or the areas that are very less visited as their place of habitat. This is the reason why you find spiders and rats in the attics, basement, crawlspace and similar spaces. To inspect the pest invasion at hidden spaces, you may need to take the assistance of professionals.

  • Search The Crevices:

    Since spiders are tiny and thin, they can adjust themselves to stay inside any crevice or wall crack, no matter how big or small it is. If you are inspecting your property for spider infestation, don’t forget to look at the crevices and cracks.

  • Analyze Moist Places:

    Unlike all other pest species, spiders too love to stay in a moist and damp environment. You can easily spot them in the basement which is comparatively cooler than the rest of the house. Once you end up spotting them on your property, call pest exterminators to eradicate them.

These are some of the places to inspect while searching for a spider invasion in your home. If you are dealing with an unwanted pest population on your property, feel free to contact our professionals at Oakville Pest.

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